Trico Homes - Globalfest


The Trico Homes International Fireworks Festival illuminates the sky with a colliding orchestra of light and sound. 2014 will feature presentations produced by world-renowned pyromusical artists hailing from Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, France (Voted "Best of 2013"), then culminating with GlobalFest's own spectacular Finale presentation.

Each night of the festival, the adjudicators look for several things:

  • The quality of the display
  • The scope of the work
  • The brilliance and richness of colours used
  • Synchronization: the precision of the marriage between music, sound effects, and fireworks
  • Originality of the artistic concept: the choice of music and staging
  • That 25% of the music used is native to the presenting country
  • The team's use of a compulsory piece: 2014's piece is "OneWorld Fanfare" composed by Donovan Seidle exclusively for GlobalFest.

These artistic requirements result in presentations that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world, making each night of the Trico Homes International Fireworks Festival a world premiere presentation.

The lake at Elliston Park adds a special dimension to the festival - the reflections in the water add a fluid, shimmering mirror of the events taking place above. The designers hope that the audience will lose themselves in the colours and rhythms of the display, while being mesmerized by the cadence of the explosions and the glittering forms.

"Congratulations on another year of FANTASTIC FIREWORKS...You work so hard to make this come together and I just want you to know that it is appreciated...My sincere thanks for making it so great and bringing a true international event to Calgary. I can hardly wait for next year." - Tammy

"It was the best fireworks show I have ever seen. Tonnes of fireworks, the timing was fantastic and the mix of fireworks was so visually appealing, it was crazy!" - Wes M.

"We've never seen the park so full! Thanks for all you do. Great event! Count us in next year!" - Avid Fan

"The Saturday evening performance and festival was wonderful...Thanks to everyone there, the atmosphere was great and everyone seemed happy and enthusiastic." - G.

"Congratulations on another successful year!!! GlobalFest was absolutely phenomenal this year...Looking forward to another ten years of cultural inclusion and making a difference in immigration/settlement in our community." Fariborz Birjandian, Executive Director, Calgary Catholic Immigration Society

"GlobalFest's 10th Anniversary was an incredible success. From the Human Rights and Youth Forums, the OneWorld Festival, the Night Market, and our explosive Trico Homes Fireworks Festival - Globalfest promotes culture and traditions, and is an important part of supporting Calgary's thriving cultural mosaic. GlobalFest would not be possible without our distinguished and visionary family - our founders, partners, sponsors, staff, and the thousands of volunteers who make this a reality. I'd like to extend a sincere thank you to the Trico Homes Family for your continued support of GlobalFest."