Back to School – In Your New Neighbourhood!

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  • Friday, September 2, 2016

When buying a home in a new Calgary community, it’s important to do your homework. As a homebuyer with children, you may think your child is automatically accepted into the designated school in the community you love, but that may not always be the case. In many instances, the designated school may be at capacity or, in the case of a new neighbourhood, there may not be an existing school built yet. If having your child attend your neighbourhood school is important, then before you buy a home, contact the designated school. Find out if there is space for new students or if your children will have to travel out of the neighbourhood. If the school is at capacity, don’t fret, but plan ahead.

Whether you’re sending your children to a CBE school, Catholic school or private or charter school, there are things to know ahead of time.

Do your research

Make sure to ask around, do some research to find out more about your child(ren)’s designated school. Most schools will have an FAQ section on their website about registration. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment with the registration office to learn more information in person.

Know deadlines

Keep track of deadlines – everything from registration fees and school records to transcripts and meal plan fees. Keep a copy of the school calendar handy so you don’t miss any important dates or deadlines.

Take a tour

Visit schools that you are considering and have a tour of the facility in addition to speaking to instructors and the like. Bring your child with you to make sure they are comfortable with their potential new school.


If the school is not within walking distance, inquire about bus routes and if possible, take the bus with your child(ren) a few times before classes start to orient them with their future route to/from school. Make sure to take the school bus driver’s contact information in case of any emergency.

If you plan on driving your child(ren) to school on a daily basis, familiarize yourself with the pick-up and drop-off zone(s), and which doors your children enter and exit out of in the morning and afternoon.

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