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  • Monday, September 27, 2021

You may have been thinking about cleaning supplies lately – in fact, probably a lot. If there’s anything our experience with COVID-19 has taught us, is the importance of good hygiene practices. However, you may also be thinking about the effects all these cleaners might be having on your environment, your skin, and your health. The good news is, there are plenty of alternatives to traditional cleaners you may want to consider using. These are generally referred to as eco-friendly, natural, or green.

Why choose green cleaners?
There are many reasons you might choose to seek alternative cleaning products. Here are a few benefits of choosing a natural product:

  1. Green products are generally safer. The warning labels on some conventional products can be a little worrisome. You can minimize risk by choosing products that aren’t as toxic or dangerous.
  2. They’re better for the environment. Most green products are made using sustainable manufacturing practices, use naturally derived ingredients, are biodegradable, and don’t negatively impact the environment.
  3. They are cruelty-free. Typically, companies that take the initiative to produce natural products also take a stand against animal testing.
  4. Natural products contain fewer allergens. Most green products are free of perfumes, dyes, sulfates, and other ingredients that may cause respiratory and sinus issues in some consumers.
  5. Green products tend to be gentler. Many ingredients contained in conventional products can cause skin irritation. Natural products tend to be free of harsh additives such as formaldehyde and chlorine bleach, two well-known ingredients that cause skin irritation.

All that said, it’s important to know that not every natural product sanitizes. Vinegar, household soaps, and many other products described as natural are great for everyday cleaning, but they are not disinfectants and won’t effectively kill germs. See our post about Home Cleaning to Disinfect Germs & Viruses to find out the difference between cleaning and disinfecting, and how to choose the right product for you and your family.

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