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Welcome to our information centre for the Damkar Legacy Project, a heartfelt initiative rooted in the dreams of Norman Damkar alongside his late brother Ernie and sister-in-law Iris. Since the 1940s, the Damkar family has cherished this land, evolving it from a flourishing dairy farm into a cornerstone of community and support. This development honours their vision by establishing a serene, supportive environment where seniors can live comfortably and stay connected with family as they age. Discover how this legacy project continues to cultivate community ties and provide care, reflecting the enduring values and aspirations of the Damkar family. Join us in realizing a vision that champions the spirit of generosity and stewardship at every step.

Original Application

2020 – May 2021

  • Two virtual engagement sessions
    (due to Covid 19 restrictions)
  • One in-person open house
  • Numerous stakeholder meetings
  • Feedback from 156 feedback forms
  • First application submission
  • Refused by Council
  • Four residential (condo) buildings
  • Up to 500 units
  • Up to 6 storeys

Revised Application

June – April 2022

  • One virtual engagement
  • One in-person open house
  • Numerous stakeholder meetings
  • Feedback from 46 feedback forms
  • Second application submission
  • Mix of villa style residential options and onemain condo building
  • About 40 villas and up to 160 condo units
  • 2 – 4 storeys

Resubmission & Revised Plan

May 2022

  • One in-person open house
  • Revision to Concept Plan & applicant submission
  • Approximately 75 – 100 Villas
  • 1 – 2 storeys

Resubmission & Revised Plan

November 2023 – April 2024

  • Targeted stakeholder meetings
  • Final revisions to Concept Plan and application submission decreasing number of units
  • Up to 79 homes
  • 1 – 2 storeys

For more information regarding the Conceptual Scheme and Land Use Amendment please access the full documents on the County’s website, following the links below:

Your Questions Answered

  • Trico Homes is pursuing a conceptual scheme and a land use amendment to allow for a comprehensively planned residential neighbourhood catering to seniors.
  • This is a residential development with attractively designed homes that provide views of the Bow River Valley and provide an appropriate interface with the existing residential neighbours.

This is a seniors-oriented development meaning it is planned, designed, and marketed for a seniors demographic, and includes a suitable range housing to ensure the needs of Rocky View County’s aging population are met, while not prescriptively restricting by age.

Design Considerations include:

  • Barrier-free entrances.
  • Wider parking stalls and hallways.
  • Incorporation of non-slip surfaces.
  • Clean and sheltered open spaces.
  • Extra lighting and community surveillance.
  •  The project will include up to 79 residential homes with a maximum density of 6.4 units per acre. This represents a decrease from 500 units which were originally proposed in 2019. The reduction in maximum units is a response to feedback provided by the community and to align with the Calgary Metropolitan Regional Board (CMRB) policies.
  •  For reference, this is a lower density than the existing Watermark Villas, immediately south, that includes 101 units at a density of 6.6 upa.
  • The project proposes villa style residential homes including single-detached, duplex, semi-detached and rowhomes varieties.
  • Maximum height aligns with Watermark’s maximum height of 11 metres, permitting up to 13 metres to accommodate slopes (specifically slopes exceeding 10%). The reason for this is that Rocky View County measures height as the average from all elevations (front, rear and side).
  • Trico intends to build villas along the west edge to minimize visual impact to adjacent neighbors.
  • Trico will also provide architectural controls in alignment with the Conceptual Scheme. While subject to detailed design, Trico intends to build to a similar standard experienced in Watermark, aligning to Figure 9 in the Conceptual Scheme.

Transportation Impact Assessment, Preliminary Geotechnical Assessment, Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment, utility servicing analysis, and a stormwater management strategy. Additional studies will be completed at the time of subdivision, in alignment with the conceptual scheme and subject to additional approvals by Rocky View County.

  • The project will be serviced with potable water, sanitary sewer, and stormwater through existing infrastructure.
  • Upon acquisition of the water and sanitary infrastructure in 2022, the County conducted an independent review of the existing system and evaluated capacity based on existing and proposed customers.
  • Based on future connections which will incorporate this development and the full build-out of Watermark, a capacity upgrade of the existing water and sanitary system is required. The Damkar development will be responsible for the proportional capital cost share based on their proposed connections of 79 units. Trico Homes will complete detailed studies at the time of subdivision and development to ensure capacity, to the satisfaction of the County.
  • Trico will provide a more detailed landscape plan at the development permit phase. The Direct Control Bylaw adds provisions beyond the County standard, highlighted in green below which gives more attention to screening between adjacent properties
  • A Landscaping Plan in general accordance with the provisions of Appendix 9 of the Watermark Conceptual Scheme that details specific types & locations of plantings and related pedestrian amenities within the site, prepared by a qualified professional, to the satisfaction of the County. The landscaping plan must detail the nature of plantings within the buffer zone, identified as the area of land between buildings and the adjacent properties. The plan should provide for appropriate screening within the buffer zone to ensure appropriate transitions between buildings.
  • Trico must submit a detailed construction management plan that identifies how erosion and slope stability, dust, weed and noise control measures and stormwater management will be managed during construction to mitigate risks and concerns.
  • Additionally, Trico commits to Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) monitoring during construction to mitigate any concerns from existing residents, with the intent to reduce off-site impacts. This includes weekly inspections and installation of mitigation measures.
  • The original Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) was completed based on a 500-unit development and the results showed minor local impacts were anticipated. With a significant unit reduction (now 79 units), the TIA findings and recommendations are still valid.
  • A traffic signal will be built at one of the intersections along 12 Mile Coulee Road to enhance safety and will be completed by the developer, which will be confirmed in the TIA to be completed at the detailed design phases which must be approved by the County
  • As part of Damkar Court construction, overland drainage facilities were constructed along the west boundary of the site to manage drainage. A site grading plan, geotechnical analysis and stormwater management plan will be completed at detailed design stage.
  • Pre and post development catchment areas will be considered, and storm drainage will be directed to permeable areas, stormwater infrastructure and collected in the underground storm system. The method of conveyance (e.g. overland drainage ditches or storm pipes), minimum/maximum slope requirements, and elevations of adjacent areas will all have an impact on site grading and final design grades, to the satisfaction of the County.

This application is scheduled for Public Hearing on May 14, 2024. Should Council approve this, Trico will progress to detailed design and submit a development permit application to the County for approval. Following this, construction will commence on the site and be phased according to market demand.

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