Trico Homes White CardTrico values our realtor partners and appreciate your business. We offer full commissions (1) to all realtors who bring their clients to our showhome and register them on their first visit. No matter the community, no matter the size of the home, we will ensure you receive the full benefit of our partnership.

Purchasing a new home will be one of the most meaningful decisions a customer will make in life, and we recognize that they may need the expert knowledge and experience of an MLS Agent. We appreciate the work and effort made to ensure that Trico Homes is always presented as a primary choice for your clients when building a new home.

Our Realtor Rewards Card is back! As a thank you for your partnership with Trico, we would also like to extend you an exclusive invitation to our Trico Realtor Rewards Program. After your first sale (2) , with white Trico Realtor Rewards card you are eligible for a $2000 Bonus commission (3) each time you sell a Trico Home within a year of your previous sale.

Below are some of the benefits of joining the Trico Realtor Reward Program:

  • Earn Full Realtor Commission on every sale of a new Trico home.
  • Earn a $2000 Bonus Commission for each sale within a one-year period. Eligibility is considered one year from your most recent sale.

Visit any one of our sales centres for complete information.

  1. Trico will pay a commission of 3.5% on the first $100,000 and 1.5% on the remaining selling price before GST and not including any extras to the contract. Commissions are paid out on firm sales as per the schedule on Trico’s Realtor Registration Form. For commission to be paid, realtors must have a valid registration signed on their first visit introducing their customers.
  2. If you are a previous White Card holder, and your previous sale with Trico is within the past year, your Trico Realtor Reward Program status will be reinstated.
  3. Earn $2000 on every firm sale of a new Trico Home within the identified eligibility period on the front of your white Trico Realtor Rewards Card. Trico Realtor Rewards is subject to change without notice.
*Some conditions apply. E&OE.

Why Work with Trico?

Your clients are treated like family.
We utilize your expertise and assist
in getting your customers into
the right home.

We believe in using our home knowledge to
assist in your real estate expertise. You receive
the information first, and can maintain your
relationship with your client.

We offer staged deposit options.

Pre-sale and quick possession options for
your client.

All of our new homes come under
Alberta New Home Warranty.

We are consistently coming up with new home
options and cost effective solutions.

We offer all of our realtor partners
full commission.

Contact our Home Expert to
learn more about this program: