Trico has been proudly serving communities in Calgary and the surrounding area since 1992. Our team believes communities are the foundation on which great homes are built and we always try to bring our very best to every neighbourhood where we work and live – providing the support, enthusiasm and leadership necessary to help those communities thrive.

Our guiding principle is founded upon Doing Well by Doing Good. Trico does Well when we deliver value to our stakeholders and Trico does Good when we build stronger, healthier, thriving communities. Our entire team is committed to helping make a positive impact in our community and choose partner with those that share our values of Trust, Respect, Integrity, Community and Opportunity.

As a certified B Corp and entrepreneurial-spirited company, Trico is keen to support those dedicated to solving social, cultural or environmental issues that impact our community. Our community investments are an integral element of our greater purpose and brand marketing activities, and as such, we sponsor and donate to a number of selected initiatives & organizations each year that help us fulfil our commitment to promoting vibrant, healthy lifestyles, and strengthening our community.

Trico’s community investments are evaluated against the following criteria:

Environmental Impact

Trico is committed to creating safe and healthy homes that are both eco-friendly and energy efficient. To reflect these principles, we support initiatives and organizations whose outputs create a positive environmental impact related to:

  • Healthy living
  • Usage of responsibly sourced and/or locally made products
  • Sustainable development
  • Environment-friendly

Social Impact

Trico is dedicated to building stronger, healthier and thriving communities through supporting our local economy, focussed philanthropic investments and sponsorship activities. We look for initiatives and organizations whose outputs create positive impact related to:

  • Health and wellness
  • Education and lifelong learning
  • Multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion

Trico does not provide support for:

  • Individual pursuits
  • Professional solicitors or third-party fundraisers
  • Travel funding
  • Operating costs
  • Advertising, film, video, television or book productions
  • Faith-based programs
  • Professional society and membership fees
  • Goodwill advertising
  • Initiatives or organizations operating outside Calgary and the surrounding area.

If your request is aligned with Trico’s areas of focus, please fill out our donation and sponsorship request form to apply.