Trico Homes is a long-time member of the Alberta New Home Warranty Program.
Your new Trico Home warranty includes the following:

1 Year Workmanship and Material

Offers coverage for defects in materials and labour, which includes items such as flooring and fixtures.

2 Year Delivery and Distribution Systems

Offers coverage for defects in materials and labour related to delivery and distribution systems including heating, electrical and plumbing systems.

5 Year Building Envelope Coverage

Offers coverage against defects in the building envelope.

Additional 2 Year Building

Optional building envelope coverage protects purchasers from defects in the building envelope for an additional 2 years. This additional 2 year warranty must be purchased from Trico Homes prior to possession.

10 Year Structural

Offers the purchaser coverage against structural defects for a period of 10 years starting on the warranty commencement date.

Home Maintenance Videos:

Fireplace Maintenance

Humidifier Maintenance

Changing Smoke Detector Battery

HRV Filters Maintenance

Changing Your Furnace Filter

Additional Resources:

Understanding Your Coverage

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