Buying your first home, a voyage of discovery

  • Thursday, March 4, 2021

You may have heard that Calgary’s residential market is red hot right now. Strong sales have taken many new home builders by surprise (albeit, a pleasant one) and some have even been struggling to keep inventory.

Prevailing circumstances may just make it ideal for anyone thinking of buying their first home to make the jump. Mortgage rates are still extremely low, there are tons of choices available especially for new homes. And if circumstances are forcing you to shelter in place for extended periods of time, wouldn’t you want to be in a place of your own and that you love?

But stepping into such a big life-changing commitment, it’s normal to have doubts. That’s why a lot of homebuilders offer further assurances that can help new home buyers make the decision. We talk to a couple who just bought their first home about their experience, and to Excel Homes and Trico Homes, two local builders who specialize in the first-time buyer market, for some expert advice.

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