Shabby Chic

  • Decor & Design
  • Monday, June 2, 2014

Whether you call it cottage, English country or just plain romantic, shabby chic accessories and distressed furniture create a comfortably elegant home, and is currently one of the most popular decorating trends in the world.

The main characteristic of shabby chic interior design is aged furnishings. An item could be chosen for its appearance of wear and tear, or it can be a newer piece, distressed to achieve the look of an antique. Accenting your decor with shabby chic items lend a soft, opulent, yet cottage-style feeling to any interior; a great way to add a splash of personality to contemporary furnishings.

If you want to incorporate this charming style into your home you needn’t make any expensive purchases. Visit your family storage, community garage sale or local antique dealer, where you can often uncover incredible lost items on the cheap or reclaim a not-so-incredible item, in an easy DIY project.


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