Spice Kitchen: Enhance Your Home with a Functional and Fragrance-Free Cooking Space

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  • Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Are you wondering what a spice kitchen is and how it can benefit your home? In this post, we will explore the concept of a spice kitchen, also known as a wok kitchen or secondary kitchen. Discover its advantages, such as odor containment and extra cooking space, as well as its potential impact on your home’s resale value.

A spice kitchen is a separate enclosed area typically located adjacent to the main kitchen in your home. Its primary purpose is to isolate the strong odors of spices from the rest of your living space during cooking. By containing these aromatic scents, a spice kitchen helps maintain a fresh and pleasant atmosphere throughout your home.

The Encore Model Kitchen  The Encore Model Showhome In the Community of Seton

Like a traditional kitchen setup, a spice kitchen includes essential components such as a sink, stove, and cabinets for storage. However, it often offers additional features to enhance its functionality. For instance, a spice kitchen may feature a more robust ventilation system and a powerful hood fan to effectively expel the spicy aromas outside your home.

The advantages of having a spice kitchen extend beyond odor control. If you enjoy hosting gatherings or cooking elaborate meals, a spice kitchen provides you with extra counter space and stovetop area to prepare and cook your culinary creations. Furthermore, this dedicated cooking area allows you to confine any messes behind closed doors, keeping your main kitchen tidy and presentable for your guests. It’s worth noting that having a spice kitchen can increase the desirability and value of your home when it comes to potential resale opportunities.

If you’re considering adding a spice kitchen to your home, you have various options to explore. Trico offers several front-garage and
laned home models that include the possibility of incorporating a spice kitchen. With Trico, you can customize your spice kitchen by selecting your preferred stove, sink, cabinetry, and hood fan. To experience a spice kitchen firsthand or learn more about incorporating this feature when building your home, we invite you to visit our Encore showhome in the beautiful community of Seton.

If you’re interested in adding a spice kitchen to your home, Trico offers customizable options to suit your preferences. Visit our Encore showhome in Seton to explore the possibilities of incorporating a spice kitchen into your living space.

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