Community Skating Rinks to Discover This Winter

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  • Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Ice skating is synonymous with winter in Canada. If you’ve been dying to lace up those skates and hit the ice, your wait is over! City and community rinks all over Calgary have been opening in the past couple of weeks. Weather-dependent, outdoor rinks in our city are typically open mid-December through to the end of February.

City Rinks

Some of the city’s best outdoor skating rinks are run by the City of Calgary; however, they may not be very close to where you live.

  • Barb Scott Park: 12th Avenue & 9th Street SW
  • Big Marlborough Park: 6033 Madigan Drive NE
  • Bowness Park Lagoon: 8900 – 48 Avenue NW
  • Carburn Park: 67 Riverview Park SE
  • North Glenmore Park: 7305 Crowchild Trail SW
  • Olympic Plaza: 228 – 8 Avenue SE
  • Prairie Winds Park: 223 Castleridge Blvd NE
  • Prince’s Island Lagoon: 4th Street & 1st Avenue SW
  • Thomson Family Park: 1236 – 16 Avenue SW

Community Rinks

Many communities in Calgary have their own outdoor skating rink, often maintained by community association volunteers or by Adopt-a-Rink volunteers. While this is great for residents of older, more established communities, those living in Calgary’s newer areas – like many of our homeowners – may be feeling a little left out in the cold.

Never fear! We did some research for you and found several rinks that are in or near some of Calgary’s newest communities.

Please note, some of the rinks listed below may only allow members of their community to access their rinks or lakes. Double-check before you head out, so you don’t run into any surprises!

Rinks in the Northeast

The following rinks are near Trico homes located in Cornerbrook and Homestead.

  • Falconridge/Castleridge Community Association: 95 Falshire Drive NE
  • Martindate Community Association: 110 Martin Crossing NE
  • Skyview Ranch:  67 Skyview Ranch Street NE

Rinks in the Northwest

The following rinks are near Trico homes located in Ambleton, Carrington, and Glacier Ridge.

  • Nolan Hill:  155 Nolan Hill Drive NW
  • Panorama:  400 Panamount Blvd NW
  • Sage Hill:  235 Sage Valley Drive NW

Rinks in the Southeast

The following rinks are near Trico homes located in Cranston, Legacy, Seton, and Wolf Willow.

  • Brookfield Residential YMCA, Seton: 4995 Market Street SE
  • Cranston Community Association, Century Hall Rink: 11 Cranarch Road SE
  • Lake Chaparral Park: 225 Chaparral Drive SE
  • Legacy Skating Rink: 47 Legacy View SE
  • Walden:  34 Walden Heights SE

Rinks in the Southwest

The following rinks are near Trico homes located in Belmont, Crestmont, Coach Ridge, Pine Creek, and Sirocco.

  • Coach Hill:  6840 Coach Hill Road SW
  • Cougar Ridge:  625 Cougar Ridge Drive SW
  • Crestmont Community Association: 12400 Crestmont Boulevard SW
  • Silverado:  131 Silverado Blvd SW
  • West Springs:  148 West Grove Way SW

Rinks in Surrounding Communities

The following rinks are near Trico homes located in Chelsea, D’ARCY, Dawson’s Landing, Midtown, Precedence, Rivercrest,
and Wedderburn.

  • Bayside Community Rink, Airdrie: 911 Bayside Drive SW
  • Chestermere Community Association, Chestermere: 201 West Chestermere Drive
  • Cimarron Park, Okotoks: 175 Cimarron Drive
  • Okotoks Recreation Centre: 99 Okotoks Drive
  • The Skating Lab, Cochrane: 800 Griffin Rd E
  • Western Canada Pond, Chestermere: 109 E Chestermere Drive
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