Fall & Winter Activities

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  • Thursday, September 30, 2021

For many people, fall and winter are the ideal times to get out and get active. Fresh cool breezes to get your blood pumping, the delights of crisp powdery snow under your feet, and finally! Finally, a reason to break out your toque collection.

Larch-Hunting Hike

Every autumn in Canada we all look forward to the beautiful views created by the colours of leaves changing from green to magnificent yellows, oranges, and reds. In Alberta, one of the most spectacular views are those of the stunning golden vistas of larch.

Larches are large deciduous conifer trees native to North America, and every fall their needles turn golden yellow before dropping to the ground. Every year, thousands of Calgarians flock to the mountains in search of golden larches.

Late September and early October is the peak time to catch this golden display, so right now is the perfect time to plan a larch-hunting hike. Here are a few places in the Calgary area:

North Glenmore Park – If you don’t want to venture far, you can see them right in Calgary. It’s not quite the same as heading to the mountains, but an urban larch hike can be a fun and exciting way to spend a cool autumn afternoon.

Larch Valley – Aptly named, Larch Valley is one of the most popular places in Alberta for larch-hunting. You can access Larch Valley via Sentinel Pass Trail, but be sure go early – the larches can attract a crowd.

Bow River Loop – This easy, yet beautiful walk traverses the Bow River corridor and is good for all ages and abilities. The trail can be accessed at many locations around Canmore and Lake Louise, and of course has plenty of larch-viewing opportunities.

Fat Biking

Fat biking is a trend that’s been increasing in popularity the past few years. Simply put, fat biking combines the look and frame of a mountain bike with “fat” tires. The tires are recommended to be 3.8” or wider, and the bike relies on these tires for suspension. Sure, you can ride them on the road, but the best thing about them is that you can ride these bikes pretty much anywhere – and its crazy fun.

Anywhere? That’s right, you can even ride them in the snow. There are plenty of places in and around Calgary to ride, but
Alberta Parks has the most interesting and extensive list we’ve seen.

If you haven’t got your own, here are a few places you can rent yourself a fat bike:


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