Public/Private Partnership Creates New Affordable & Accessible Housing

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  • Monday, October 10, 2016

Trico Homes is set to begin construction on the Delaney, a new 44 unit residential building in the inner city community of Mount Pleasant. This is an exciting project for Trico because the Delaney will be a rental building that also addresses needs for both affordable and accessible housing in Calgary. In addition, the Delaney has over 3000 square feet of commercial space that will be leased at a below market rate to Accessible Housing, a not-for-profit organization.


With a reputation for integrity, quality craftsmanship and excellent customer care, Trico Homes brings their best to every community they work in. A key aspect in Trico’s success is the propensity for creating business opportunities while empowering communities.

Trico’s Delaney residence is a shining example of private business and government working together to create meaningful impact in the community. Trico was able to obtain a Housing Capital Initiatives Grant of $2,500,000 to help make this project a reality. This new partnership validates the commitment of Trico Homes and the Alberta Government to providing affordable and barrier free housing for the Calgary Community.


Trico purchased land in Mount Pleasant to redevelop for multi-family housing and wanted to address the need for more affordable and accessible rental housing in this amenity rich, inner city location.

In order to achieve this, Trico needed to reduce capital costs and was able to successfully obtain a Housing Capital Initiatives Grant of $2,500,000 from the Alberta Government to help make this project a reality.

The Delaney is a 44 unit residential building with over 3000 square feet of commercial space. The grant allows Trico to include 12 below market rental apartments with 10 of these also being barrier free and designated for Accessible Housing. In addition, the grant enables Trico to lease the commercial space to Accessible Housing at a below market rate.


Trico will begin construction later this year. We anticipate completion by mid 2018.

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