From Zero to Hero

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  • Tuesday, June 9, 2015

As the availability of land in our city is slowly dwindling, developers are attempting to maximize space by rethinking how lots are parceled. The zero-lot-line concept enables an alternative when developing an area of land, allowing builders to construct larger houses on smaller lots, providing an increased density in the community.

What is it?

A zero lot line home is built right up against the property line, rather than in the centre of the lot.

Duplex homes are a great example of a zero lot line construction, with two homes meeting at the property line and sharing a common, “attached”, wall. However, zeros can also be built as single-family detached homes.

The main difference in single family construction is with the side walls that face the property lines between homes. These walls are constructed with the same fire separation an attached home would have, including having gypsum board on the exterior, and limiting the size and location of openings and protrusions.

Why buy it?

One of the main reasons to build on a zero lot line is to make the best use of available space. Building on the line makes it possible to build a more spacious home on a smaller lot, meaning better value for your money. For example, in our Zero Lots in Nolan Hill you can save up to $20,000 on the same model built on a traditional lot.

Homes built on the zero lot line also create more usable outdoor space. Instead of being split into front, back and side yards, by shifting the available space into one area, it gives what would normally be a small side yard extra space. There is also plenty of usable space right at the front entrance for whatever your needs may be, whether you’re a gardener or would like an extra area for your kids to play. There is also opportunity for larger back yards, with deeper lots available for a large deck, pool or play house.

What do you think? Is the Zero, your hero?

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