Christmas Light Installation 101

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  • Friday, November 17, 2017

Before you officially go into winter hibernation mode, you may want to put up your holiday lights while the weather is still relatively mild in Calgary.

If you’re a new homeowner or just need a refresher, you may benefit from some of these tips!

Purchasing Lights

For new lights, you may want to purchase shorter strings instead of long ones. That way if anything goes wrong, you can replace the shorter string, which will save you money in the long run.

Keep it consistent. If you have a colour theme or a certain look you’re going for, take some photos with you to the store so you don’t get overwhelmed by the many (and we mean many) types and colours of lights available.

Consider using LED Christmas lights, which last up to last 10 times longer and are more durable than traditional lights.


Try your lights at home first before going outside. This way you can double check that they all work before you commit to hanging them all.


Weather: Choose a dry and (if possible) warm day to hang your lights. The last thing you need is a trip to the ER after slipping on your ladder or roof in the rain or snow. Stay safe!

Safety: Make sure you install your lights in spaces clear of power lines, candles, fireplaces, etc. as this may cause a fire hazard.

Extension Cords: Ensure you have plenty of extension cords, as you don’t want to short-circuit any.

Timers: These are generally inexpensive and can be found at most hardware stores. They vary but usually come in 2, 4, 6, or 8 hour cycles. The main benefit of outdoor light timers is to conserve energy and prolong the lifetime of your Christmas lights.

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