Spring Maintenance & Cleaning

  • Home Owner Tips
  • Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring has sprung! While we didn’t have much of a Winter this year in Calgary, there are still a few things you should take a look at to ensure your home is in tip top shape now that the season is over. Every home needs regular cleaning and maintenance in order to stay in good condition, keep you safe and ensure your comfort for years to come. Ensuring regular maintenance is done on your home will also help preserve the value of your home, when it comes time to sell it.










In terms of the seasonal maintenance, there are some specific things that you should focus on when the seasons change. So, what kind of maintenance should you undergo when Spring comes around?

Here are a few things we recommend:

Clean windows, inside and out. Replace or repair any damaged screens.

Check smoke, carbon monoxide and security alarms, and replace batteries as necessary.

Check sprinkler systems. Do a manual check to ensure everything is working properly; you may need to adjust heads that are not spraying in the proper direction, or replace any damaged parts.

Remove the lint from your clothes dryer’s hose by vacuuming it out.

Inspect your eaves troughs, clear out any debris found in gutters or downspouts, and repair loose joints or attachments.

Inspect your house’s foundation for moisture. Ensure that the landscape grading slopes away from the house, and make repairs as necessary.

Check for cracks in the concrete or asphalt of your driveways or walkways and repair or reseal them.

Inspect the roof to see if there are any holes, leaks, blistering, rotting or any other signs of damage, and make repairs as necessary.

Switch on power to air conditioning and check system, and replace filters as necessary.

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