Front-Garage Home in Homestead Calgary: Why It’s Perfect for Families

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  • Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Homestead in Calgary is a vibrant and growing community, perfect for new families looking to settle in a friendly and welcoming environment.

This community offers numerous advantages, from its beautiful homes to its strong sense of community. One of the standout home models in this area is the front garage home, which provides a blend of convenience, space, and modern living. Let’s explore the benefits of living in Homestead and why front garage homes are ideal for families.

Benefits of Living in Homestead Calgary

Homestead Calgary is designed with families in mind, offering many amenities and recreational opportunities. The community boasts educational facilities, sports fields, playgrounds, and extensive pathways, ensuring a vibrant and connected lifestyle for all residents, including:

  • Two future school sites within the community (public and separate)
  • Four playgrounds, each 1 acre in size, at final build-out
  • 3-acre community association site
  • Planned cricket pitch and soccer fields
  • Future pickleball and basketball courts
  • 4.0 km of walking pathways with connectivity to the regional pathways system
  • 19-acre environmental wetland with a sheltered gazebo and pathways
  • Homestead Landing: a 4-acre neighbourhood commercial site

Recreation and Leisure

Homestead Calgary offers residents a wealth of recreational activities and community events. Enjoy local drop-in sports and events at the Genesis Centre, located just a 15-minute drive from Homestead, year-round fun at Prairie Winds Park with picnic areas, spray parks, a zipline, tennis courts, an indoor water park, hockey rinks, and gymnasiums at Village Square Leisure Centre. For those seeking tranquillity, Nose Hill Park provides a serene environment with a variety of walking paths.

Retail & Lifestyle

Homestead Calgary provides residents with excellent retail, grocery, and dining options all within easy access in the surrounding areas. Sunridge Mall features a great food court for indoor shopping. East Hills Shopping Centre offers a Costco, Cineplex, and a variety of big-box stores. CrossIron Mills, with its 1.4 million square feet and 674 acres, provides one of Canada’s best shopping experiences. Marlborough Mall offers an all-in-one shopping experience with nearby fast food options. Deerfoot City is perfect for family fun with attractions like the Rec Room, indoor skydiving at iFly, and numerous restaurants and retail shops.

Front-Garage Homes in Homestead Calgary

For families seeking convenience and additional space, Trico Homes’ front-garage home models in Homestead are an excellent option! These homes feature an attached garage at the front, offering easy access and more living space.

Benefits of this model:

  • Convenience – Direct access to the garage from your home is a significant advantage, especially during Calgary’s colder months. Unloading groceries or getting kids in and out of the car becomes hassle-free.
  • Extra Space – Front garage homes often have larger square footage, providing more room for your family to grow.
  • Enhanced Storage – The attached garage offers additional storage space for bikes, sports equipment, and other household items.

Homestead’s front-garage homes are designed to provide comfort and luxury. With spacious floorplans, modern kitchens, and ample storage, these homes cater to families needing more space and convenience. Plus, the integrated garage design means you have more flexibility in using your backyard for outdoor activities and entertaining.

Laned Homes in Homestead

Laned homes are also excellent home model options in Homestead. These homes feature an optional detached garage located at the back of the property, offering a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Benefits of this model:

  • Charming Aesthetic – Laned homes often have a distinct, traditional look with inviting front porches, enhancing the curb appeal of your property.
  • Enhanced Privacy – With the garage at the back, you can enjoy a more private and uninterrupted front yard space, perfect for family gatherings and playtime.
  • Flexible Backyard Use – The garage’s placement at the back makes your backyard more versatile, providing ample space for gardening, entertaining, and other outdoor activities.

At Trico Homes, we have 8 front-garage models available and 5 laned models available. Visit us to learn more!

Build Your Future with Trico Homes

Homestead is not just about beautiful home models; it’s about community. Living here means being part of a neighbourhood that values family, quality living, and a strong sense of belonging. Check out our front-garage and laned homes for sale in Homestead, Calgary, and choose a lifestyle that prioritizes comfort and convenience.

Trust in Trico Homes to craft your new home in Homestead. Renowned for our commitment to excellence and attention to detail, we ensure that your new home is constructed to the highest standards. Our dedication to doing things right provides you with peace of mind and a solid investment for the future.

Plant your roots in Homestead – a community inspired by new frontiers and the prairies that surround it!

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