5 Tips to Create a Low-Maintenance Home

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  • Friday, April 3, 2020

It seems everyone is busy nowadays. Whether it’s driving the kids to soccer, hockey or
ballet practice or just trying to finish that overdue work/home project before heading out for your first date night in umpteen months, there is always something on the go.

So, for people who are looking to find ways to free up some extra time, here are 5 tips to help you create a low-maintenance home.

1. Get rid of those knick-knacks

A simple way to make your home low-maintenance is to minimize the amount of clutter in your house. If you clear out the non-essential little knick-knacks there will be fewer things to dust and organize. Only display the items you deem worthy and donate or sell the rest.

5 Tips to Create a Low-Maintenance HomeYou might love to collect things, but those things tend to collect dust.

2. Keep your interior design simple

You can cut your cleaning time down even more by keeping your design elements simple. Choose light fixtures that won’t need dusting. Or replace your blinds/shutters with window coverings that don’t collect dirt. If you are renovating your kitchen or buying a house, make sure cabinets reach all the way to the ceiling or floor. That will maximize storage space but also eliminate hard-to-reach places to clean.

3. Make sure it’s easy to clean

Having hardwood or tile flooring is much easier to maintain than carpet. Wood and tiles won’t wear out as easily as carpet, either saving you more money and time. Also, using natural materials such as granite and quartz tend to mask dirt, so you won’t feel guilty when you miss a spot.

4. Make it last

Spend a little more on quality fixtures and you’ll benefit from the longevity of the product. You won’t have to fix them or upgrade to new ones nearly as often. When painting the house, make sure you prime the surface you’re painting. This will extend the paint jobs’ lifespan. Also make sure you use the proper type of paint for whatever part of the house you’re in (ie. Wet areas like bathrooms need a mold-resistant paint, kids rooms need a paint that can withstand wiping down often, etc.).

5 Tips to Create a Low-Maintenance HomeTurn your lawn into a garden landscape with plant varieties that complement your local climate and need very little care.

5. Replace your lawn

If you’re like many homeowners, mowing the lawn can be a tedious task you’d prefer not to do. As an alternative to having a lawn which needs watering and cutting, maybe try pavers or gravel. Or how about artificial turf? It has become popular with homeowners who want to keep the green in their life but not the workload. And if you’re still into having a beautiful garden with sweet-smelling greenery, try hardscaping. Pick plant varieties that complement your local climate as they will demand minimal maintenance. Use ground-covering plants to reduce weeding time as well as watering time. In fact, if you install an irrigation system linked to rainwater barrels, it will cut down on time wasted watering as well as saving on your water bill.

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