Special Memories – Norman W.

  • Trico Moments
  • Thursday, November 24, 2005

I write to congratulate Wayne and Eleanor for the success of Trico Homes in Calgary, a community in which we all live. In recognition of Trico Homes’ milestone in corporate Calgary, I have in my memory several events that speak to the character of the company and especially its founders. 1.) Wayne and Eleanor, over the years, have devoted time, energy and resources in not only building Trico homes to become an icon in the housing industry, but in parallel they have committed the same passions to make Calgary a better place for all of us. This is clearly evident in the many community charities in which Trico Homes is front and center. Probably the best example of the commitment to the community is Wayne’s interest in ‘Social Enterprise’, a term that I did not know until I met Wayne and Eleanor. For Wayne to understand this aspect of community building, he spent numerous weekends in completing courses at various academic institutions across Canada to learn about this exciting way to give back to the community. The couple’s donations to many community projects in Calgary speak loudly of their commitment in making Calgary a better place for all to live. The ‘Chiu School of Business’ at the Bow Valley College is but one of many examples by which Wayne and Eleanor have given back to the community. This school at Bow Valley College provides a pathway for young people to gain important knowledge in areas that will allow Calgary to grow and sustain itself. Another equally important project is Trico Homes’ support of the Libin CVD institute Chair in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. 2.) During the terrible fires in Ft McMurray a couple of years ago, again Trico Homes was the role model for other corporate members. This devastating fire came at the worst time possible when the province and its citizens were dealing with the impact of the low oil prices. The fire destroyed the northern community, displaced many from their homes and separated loved ones from their family. Trico Homes again lead the way to sooth the pain. At the time, Trico Homes was hosting a celebration in honor of their loyal employees, business associates and friends. The invites were issued and as the hour of the event approached, the fire raged. Just prior to the start of the celebration, a notice from corporate head office went out that the event was cancelled and the funds donated to the victims of the fire. I stood up at home and applauded their actions and soon after, other members of the corporate community followed suit with similar acts of ‘social responsibility’. Although I missed an opportunity to be with my friends, the Trico action of giving to those in need gave me a very warm feeling inside. 3.) My other recollection of good memories evolved around the times that we have travelled together. I fondly remember the time 6 years ago when we travelled to Tuscany, Italy. During a cozy meal in the home of a local citizen, I found out that Wayne really enjoys wild boar pasta so much, he wanted to imitate one of the meanest ones.

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